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Steph Wynne is an entrepreneur, author, filmmaker and teacher. She resides in the Los Angeles area

Employers aren't messing around. It's time to take your power back!

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Whitepaper 12/16/20

Who Has Total Power Over Your Income?

Get out of bed and off the couch! 
It's time to Live or die in your mind!

By Steph Wynne

You probably know to never give anyone or any company total power over your income. Create multiple sources of income.

I write the Self-Edu10X white papers for go-getters, hustlers, entrepreneurs, business people and people that don't like taking orders.

People like you that will take action when they read or hear something that can enhance their life.

Of course you've heard that you gotta get your ‘mind right’ is critical to making money. How you think will lift you up or keep you down. But you know that already.

When I say get your mind right, you gotta up your game with multiple skills to earn multiple sources of income. Communication skills are at the top of the list.

Let me confess, multiple sources of income has always been important to me.  

Listen! Never give anyone total power over your income!

You must split up your time and make your money.

If you're like me, some people call us a Jack of Many Trades. I used to feel guilty because I'm skilled in multiple areas. I thought I had no focus.  Actually 
I still don’t to a certain degree…but I get whatever done!

This white paper is about multiple sources of income and not letting just one company or person have total control of your money...thus control over you. 

Hmmh I was thinking about when I working as a temp in a corporate accounting department. A squirrel looking, short white guy who got red in the face when he got mad clowned this black dude! 

White man was yelling at him and releasing all his frustrations. I was like damn!

Black man said nothing. Not even eye contact with the hot breath screaming at the back of his neck. He swallowed his pride because the guy had power over him. Geezy Neezy!

I remember another situation when I working for a trademark lawyer as a temp at Warner Brothers. She tried to clown me about some bullshit. 

I let her have it verbally and of course got kicked out..I mean fired...maybe she did have reason to get mad...or not... I can't remember but I'm not good with someone yelling at me...

ok I almost went on a a tirade.

Many more temp stories...ahh those were the days....oooh lala those were really the days $$$ haha! 


I knew then I was never gonna let anyone have total power over my income.

Now let me ask you a personal question, who has total power over your income? How does it make you feel when they say or do something and you're helpless to fight back?

I'm in a pretty good situation, even with CoVid going on. 
I actually have money in the bank.

A year ago I didn’t have money in the bank and two years ago I most certainly didn’t have any money in the bank.

So what changed?

Me! haha!

I already know that self education is the key to multiple sources of income.

Here's a fact for you. In summer of 2019 I invested 2,500 dollars (cheaper now) into myself, which I didn't have.

Thank goodness 
Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi had a payment plan for their broker program so I was able to make payments.

When I look back, the training "course corrected" my life and it was the best investment that I could have made into myself...plus I wrote if off on my taxes. Edu!

Everyone lives by selling something. -Robert Louis Stevenson

I stepped up my game 10X by educating myself on a higher level. 

Psychology, persuasion, negotiating, strategy, communication, selling, leadership, marketing tools, analytics, copywriting…

I'm even stepping up my video editing, camera and light skills...I’m gobbling it all up!

I'm totally enhancing my mental tool kit!

Just by reading more books, listening to self improvement audio and taking action I’m upping my game and oh yes I have!

The whole point is if you want to 10X your life with multiple sources of income, you will have to update yourself. Educate yourself. Invest in yourself.

You know what I'm saying?

You might have some income coming from one place. Not cool. Spread yourself out a little more. You might only get a dollar or two like me from Amazon. I sell some books on 
Amazon and I might only get like .60 cents or a dollar or whatever. 

This month I got 4.08! Yay! It took a lot to get that 4 dollas. It won't pay the rent, but one day it could.

Trust me, it's not much, but it's still something I created and I'm still getting paid. And then I might get paid doing something else for a few hundred and I’m only spending five minutes or whatever.  

The point is, your income will go up and down and it all averages out to nobody having any particular power over your income.

It's tough for all of us trying to make it happen out here. But I'm not feeling it as much because my thinking is different so my actions are different.

The finance game is my bread and butter and it's gonna get even better next year. You have to tap into your particular skill set and then raise the bar 10X.

With Self-Edu10X your skills can go from 1X to 10X in a day, a week, a month or it might take a year teaching yourself what you need to know...to grow.

No matter what it ain’t gonna happen overnight...but it could…

You might as well stop being impatient and enjoy the ride.

Going to school for education is fine. Slow but fine. With some careers it’s necessary.

But for the people that don’t want to wait years to start making some money, they don’t mind collecting gems like diamonds to educate their mind.

A gem can come from a bum on the street. A gem can come from anyone or something you read. Gems are all around us! Look for them!

If it costs you twenty-five dollars and you learn something new that can improve your life, then it’s worth the investment in You.

This is your self education. Self-Edu10X. A year from now your whole life can be different just by collecting gems of wisdom!

I used to think it was crazy to be one of those Jack of all trades and master of none types.

I can go in many directions, but I had to settle down and focus and just stay. Stay with what brings you the cash, but don't let whoever control or rule you. 

Always have a back up plan. Another source of income or better yet, multiple sources of income.

Sometimes we just need to stay in a situation if it's good for us...

My creative side wants me to be unsettled and try to make my money creatively, but it isn’t ‘there’ yet so I just stay put. I get a dime here or there with my creative stuff, but finance is where I make my money. 

Bookkeeping, payroll and business taxes pays the bills.

In your quest for multiple sources of income, stay where the money is. I know you might be the creative type, but like 
Gary Halbert said, there's a lot of creative people on welfare and receiving unemployment. 

So if you have some clients and it's not in the area that you want to be, just stay and make your money until your creative side can pay the bills. 

With multiple sources of income you're gonna be dealing with people so begin with reading some books. Start with the Psychology of Persuasion by Kevin Hogan. Make the investment into this book and if you are too cheap to buy it then you don't see the value of investing in yourself and you will continue to be told what to do. Yes Sir!

Remember that confidence is the key. Not arrogance, but confidence. If you know you can do a thing, whoever you are speaking to give them energy and enthusiasm as that's the thing that will separate you from everyone one else.

Go make some money! 


Of course I go on and on about multiple sources of income and if you wanna listen click below...There’s a couple of free gems in there!

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