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Steph Wynne is an entrepreneur, author, filmmaker and teacher. She resides in the Los Angeles area

I don't follow anyone and no one follows me!

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I Have 
No Followers

Get out of bed and off the couch! 
It's time to Live or die in your mind!

By Steph Wynne

Nope I have no followers. I don't hang out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

I'm not an influencer and I've never played any games on my cell phone.

I don't follow anyone and nobody follows me.

Am I the last woman on earth that don't give a deezy about being liked, followed or clapped for?

From the day social media came on the scene I knew I was not gonna get caught up.

You see before social media I had a small following and I was a small time influencer.

I created a small magazine and wrote stories. I had several hundred subscribers over the years, but never hit it big time. The magazine publishers said there wasn't a market for my type of magazine.

Why? Because it was a gay magazine hmm?

The ladies would talk stuff about my spelling but loved the personal ads and the sleazy stories I wrote.

Through the magazine I found out the power of the pen. I would write something crazy and people would jam me up at social events.

I learned to keep my mouth shut talking about people through the magazine.

I started to conform 
to what the readers wanted. 

I started to write politically correct.

I wanted the readers to love my magazine. 

I needed the hand written letters telling me how much they liked my magazine or even me.

Kinda like social media...people wanna be liked, looked up to, respected...

I started to get a big head. Oh wait I already had one due to rolling around Hollywood in BMW's but that's another story tho...

You see I had my followers. I was an influencer. Some even thought I was a celebrity.

By the time social media came on the scene I was burnt out with people.

I was burnt out with the magazine.

I was burnt out dealing with the broke rappers coming into my record stores.

I was burnt out dealing with the actors for my films.

I was burnt out doing commercials and rap music videos.

I was burnt out doing film festivals.

I was burnt out dealing with people.

So now in 2021 
have no followers.

I don't want no one to find me becuz I don't feel like talkin'.

I don't want anyone to like me becuz then I would have to like them back.

I don't want to be cheezin' next to an expensive car, boat or house on instagram because I don't want anyone asking me for money.

Nah leave me alone.

I don't want to answer to 10,000 people. Not even 10.

I don't want to make 10,000 people happy or pissed off. Not even 5.

I don't want nobody thinking they have a say so in what I do. Not even 1. 

I don't want to answer to nobody.

I don't want no followers.

You probably think I'm lying but that's because you are hooked on Facebook and text notifications.

You are hooked on how many people like your post of you eating a big mac.

You are the one that sleeps with your cell phone next to you.

You are the one on Instagram praying that folks love you.

You are the one that cares about what people think of you.

You are the one caught up with the games and gambling with your cell.

You are the one that needs followers.

You are the one lying.

It's 2021 and I'm not hooked on any social media websites. Not even 1.

It's 2021 and I have no followers, likes or claps.

Thank Gawd!

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